Friday, January 31, 2020

The Monkeys Paw Essay Example for Free

The Monkeys Paw Essay What is that sound? she said. Herbert! she was screaming. As the knocking grew louder, the more she screamed. It is a rat honey. I said. No hope, she just kept screaming. As she headed down the stairs, I pictured my son all destroyed. I could not bear to see him that way. I loved my son more than anything but if it meant to bring him back all torn up and tortured, then I would rather him be dead. If it is one thing that I learned from the monkeys paw is that in order to gain your wish you first lose something you love more than anything. Nothing, not even money is worth losing family over. I had to stop my wife before it is too late. I grabbed the monkeys paw and headed downstairs after my wife. I watched desperately as my wife turned the door knob to reveal the figure I only knew so well standing there. I felt tears coming down my face as I realized that figure was my son. My son Herbert was standing at my doorway. Only something was very different. I knew something was off. He was perfectly healthy and in perfect condition. He was not moving. He just stood at the doorway staring. I could tell he was in pain. He was weak. I knew he was not meant to be here. It was as if he sent me some kind of telepathic message telling me it is time to move on. It just was not meant to be that he should be brought back to life. I grabbed the monkeys paw and once and for all made my last wish. I watched as my wifes relieved face turned pale as she watched Herbert disappear into thin air. I knew from then on that nothing would ever be the same again. It is unbelievable how a monkeys paw could ruin someones life. Before it came into my life, everything and everyone were perfectly fine, no matter what we thought. I could hardly bear watch my wife drop to the floor and scream. I wish that my wife would never have to experience this. My wifes pain in itself kills me. As I lay in my bed trying desperately to fall asleep, I started to think about how much I really had and never appreciated it. I never needed two hundred pounds. My life was perfect. Nothing needed to change. If I had one true wish it would be that people should have the ability to appreciate what they have before it is too late. It does not have to be that something bad has to happen for people to realize that everything they have is enough and just because someone else has something they do not have it does not mean they need to have it too. I was woken up the next day by the smell of my wifes cooking. This has to be the way she is coping because she has not cooked anything since Herbert died. As I walking down the stairs I heard a familiar voice. It cant be. I ran as fast I could into the kitchen. Herbert? I said as my eyes started to fill with tears. Hi father, did you sleep well? he said. I went up to him and gave him the biggest hug I have ever given anyone. Oh Herbert, it was a dream. It was dream. Everything is going to be okay. I cant even begin to think of a time that I was so grateful for dreams. Umm okay. he said. Oh Herbert, I only wish you wouldyou know what? Never mind. You and your mother being alive, well and here is all I could ever wish for. As I let my hold on him go, I noticed my son and wifes confused faces. I did not care. All I cared about was that my wife and son were here. They will always be here

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